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How Juganu’s Smart Lighting Paves the way for the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Today, there are new IoT deployments springing up all over world ranging from intelligent factories (IIoT) to smart cities. But deploying IoT devices and setting up communications between them across...

Mixed Reality Developers Get More Tools and Resources – Nreal Ups Its Game

Are you finding it expensive to move into mixed reality (MR) development? Nreal is showing that you don’t need to spend big bucks just to get started. A few months ago we posted about the Nreal...

Heterogeneous Computing for your Demanding Apps

Today’s apps demand a lot from our mobile devices. From games to VR, and signal processing to AI, modern apps are truly multifaceted, placing all sorts of demands on our devices. For mobile...

The Rise of Mobile eSports and the Influence of Snapdragon Elite Gaming and 5G

In eSports: Following the Rise of a new Sport we talked about the explosive growth of eSports, which has traditionally been based around PC games. Now, with a new generation of mobile-first gamers...

Developing 3D Graphics with Vulkan on Mobile

At GDC 2018 there was a lot of coverage of the Vulkan API, which is an open-standard, cross-platform, and extensible 3D graphics API from the Khronos Group. While Qualcomm Developer Network has...

Applying Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things Audio and Visual Use-cases

Have you started working with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Neural Processing Engine (NPE) SDK yet? I posted last time about deep learning at the edge on IoT devices and described how you can use the SDK...

Adopting Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things

IoT has gone from connecting ordinary devices like light bulbs, cameras, sensors and thermostats, to smart assistants, baby monitors and smart appliances. We can now use data from sensors, microphone...

How to Use App Tune-up Kit for More Accurate App Frame Rate Readings

Problem: How do I measure graphics performance? Frame rate is a good indicator of graphics performance, but this data is not always available. Some apps display frames per second (FPS) on-screen,...

Epic Games & Qualcomm Technologies Make Art & Tech Come to Life

“I didn’t know you guys and Epic Games are working together.” I’ve heard that at a few of the conferences and shows I’ve attended recently, so I’ll describe our collaboration in this post. Most...


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