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Developing 3D Graphics with Vulkan on Mobile

At GDC 2018 there was a lot of coverage of the Vulkan API, which is an open-standard, cross-platform, and extensible 3D graphics API from the Khronos Group. While Qualcomm Developer Network has...

How to Use App Tune-up Kit for More Accurate App Frame Rate Readings

Problem: How do I measure graphics performance? Frame rate is a good indicator of graphics performance, but this data is not always available. Some apps display frames per second (FPS) on-screen,...

Epic Games & Qualcomm Technologies Make Art & Tech Come to Life

“I didn’t know you guys and Epic Games are working together.” I’ve heard that at a few of the conferences and shows I’ve attended recently, so I’ll describe our collaboration in this post. Most...

New Tool Helps Game Developers Ease Transition From Console & PC To Mobile

Have you made your plans for the Game Developers Conference (GDC) next week in San Francisco? We’ll be there to demonstrate the new Qualcom® Snapdragon™ Debugger for Visual Studio v1.0 and updates to...


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