Machine Vision SDK

A product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Machine Vision SDK

The machine vision (MV) SDK is a C programming API comprised of a binary library and some header files. It is targeted towards robotics developers looking to utilize the full capabilities of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ platforms for autonomous robotic systems. The MV SDK is engineered to supply the cutting edge computer vision algorithms to provide localization, feature recognition and obstacle detection for Snapdragon platforms. Sample code and tutorials can be found on github.

The MV SDK is designed to support the following algorithms:

  • Visual-Inertial Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (VISLAM)
    • Uses an extended Kalman filter to fuse IMU and camera tracking data to provide a 6 degree of freedom pose estimate in real-world coordinates.
    • Provides a 3D point cloud based upon tracked feature points
    • Optionally accepts and fuses in GPS data
  • Depth From Stereo (DFS)
    • Uses 2 time-synchronized cameras to generate a per-pixel dense depth map
  • Downward Facing Tracker (DFT)
    • Provides an "optic-flow"-like tracking algorithm to generate a displacement in pixels on a camera pointed 90° downwards
  • Sequence Reader/Writer (SRW)
    • Read and write sequences of camera and IMU sensor data
  • Voxel Map (VM)
    • Combines the camera's current 6DOF position with a depth map to generate a volumetric representation of its perceived world in 3D
    • Performs collision checking
  • Camera Auto Calibration (CAC)
    • Use image and IMU data to estimate calibration parameters for the camera
  • Camera Parameter Adjustment (CPA)
    • Use current image data to recommend camera parameter changes
  • Stereo Auto-Calibration (SAC) (new in v1.1.4)
    • Uncalibrated image pairs of scene yield extrinsic calibration parameters

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