Audio Solutions

Sound development is becoming increasingly important as consumers demand high-quality, wireless audio experiences for ultra-HD movie streaming, on-the-go listening, voice/video streaming, control of device assistants, extreme gaming, and immersive XR. Audio developers can access leading audio, connectivity, and mobile technologies, designed to help you create applications that provide consistent sound quality, reliable connectivity, and low latency.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sound™ optimizes our existing technologies to provide seamless, immersive audio experiences for premium sound and ease of use without compromising battery life. Hear the difference in sound quality between wired, standard Bluetooth, and Snapdragon Sound at various bandwidths in these examples: Wired Audio Quality, Voice Demo, Open Spaces Demo.

Below you’ll find development tools, technologies, and information to help you create your audio projects for a range of devices like smartphones, smart speakers, and smart earbuds.

New projects for audio/video and AI on QCS610
A deep dive into Sensory, and an exploration on how their VoiceHub works with an example of rapid VUI prototyping. We'll also peek into what the future for VUI platforms.
Blog highlighting importance of Snapdragon Sound in audio development
StreamUnlimited is helping address audio challenges with its core offering, StreamSDK, which is aimed at developers building devices for feature-rich audio music streaming connected sound bars with...

A comprehensive tuning and calibration environment tailored towards the audio and voice algorithms
A binaural spatial audio plugin for Unity designed to provide superior sound quality, low motion-to-sound latencies and better performance on Snapdragon powered devices.
The Snapdragon Power Optimization SDK provides a toolset that is designed to allow you to optimize the power consumption of your software on the Snapdragon series of processors.
Our Qualcomm 3D Audio Tools suite is designed to help content creators, content hosts, consumer electronics manufacturers and broadcasters create, capture and render true-to-life immersive 3D audio...

Single-board computer (SBC) built on the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform.
This Dev Kit is designed for building your voice-controlled products around Amazon Alexa Voice Services.
Designed for mobile device development on the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform.
This reference design and dev kit allows your users to interact with Amazon AVS through their Android smartphones and tablets