QCA4002/4 Revision A/B

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QCA4002/4 Product Brief

Qualcomm QCA4002/4 (Revision A/B) is an intelligent Wi-Fi platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). This complete networking platform together with an external micro-control unit (MCU) enables customers to add Wi-Fi to a wide variety of products with minimal development effort and cost.

QCA4002/4 (Revision A/B) is a single-stream (1x1) IEEE 802.11n single-band (QCA4002) or dual-band (QCA4004) System-on-Chip (SoC) or module solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). The highly integrated Wi-Fi link includes an energy efficient on-board power amplifier and LNA. For the 2.4GHz band, RF switches are also integrated. The QCA4002/4 (Revision A/B) is optimized for low system cost, and minimizes the number of components required to achieve a reliable Wi-Fi link.

QCA4002/4 (Revision A/B) platform supports SPI interface between MCU and QCA4002/4. Software development kit (SDK) includes device driver for various MCUs and device driver works over SPI interface. QCA4002/4 firmware contains IPv4/6 networking stack that includes support for IPv4/v6 header processing; UDP/TCP socket support; DHCP, multicast, HTTP/SSL client/server, and many other features.

All new MCU based designs that need QCA4002/4 should use Revision B chipset as it supports latest and greatest features.

QCA4002/4 (Revision A/B) is ideal for a wide range of low cost, low power IoT applications, that use an MCU, ranging from appliances and remote controls, to sophisticated home automation, security, and energy management systems.