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Power-efficient acceleration for large language models – Qualcomm Cloud AI SDK

Want to accelerate your large language model (LLM) inference workloads without blowing your power budget? Or your cooling budget? The Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 performs AI inference on the edge cloud...

A High School Project: Computer Vision and Robotics to Enhance Waste Recycling

Waste recycling is still inefficient in many countries. In particular, even in 2023,many valuable materials like precious metals are still melted down or compacted and buried. Unfortunately, the cost...

A Virtual Showcase of the Open-source Development Model

For Linux developers who build low-level kernel and driver solutions, the open-source development model plays a key role in helping to drive innovation forward. This model allows you to take...

Autonomous Mobile Robots: What do I need to know to design one?

Are you looking for ways to start your company’s robotics development? Or are you already developing robots, and you’re looking for ways to make them smarter? Either way, I have three words for you...

Building computer vision, artificial intelligence, and heterogeneous computing into your robots

When you look at your robotics application, do you think of it as an “intelligent-edge use case?” Probably not, but that’s where it plays. The intelligent edge of the network offers your devices...

Taking Flight with the Dronut X1 Powered by Snapdragon

While working in the oil and gas industry, mechanical engineer Omar Eleryan noticed that most of the visual equipment inspections performed by his colleagues required them to enter confined and often...

AI Accelerated Experiences & Security with Windows on Snapdragon

The 2021 ARM DevSummit was held from October 19 to 21, 2021. At the Summit, I took part in a presentation with Marcus Perryman, Principal Engineer – Windows Team at Microsoft, titled AI Accelerated...

What’s Next in Image Processing at the Edge with NexOptic

The term image processing encompasses many different tasks, including computational photography, computer vision algorithms, and even basics like image compression. One aspect all of these processes...

How Juganu’s Smart Lighting Paves the way for the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Today, there are new IoT deployments springing up all over world ranging from intelligent factories (IIoT) to smart cities. But deploying IoT devices and setting up communications between them across...


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