CSR102x Product Family

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CSR102x Board

CSR102x Family Product Brief

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The CSR102x product family is optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) applications including wireless remote controls, smart watches, home automation solutions, and beacons. Where balancing performance, battery life, and cost is critical, the CSR102x products bring extensive and flexible I/O capabilities designed to simplify integration and eliminate expensive interface components.

CSR102x now also supports the new Qualcomm® Bluetooth mesh, a mesh implementation and evolution of the CSRmesh™ technology.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0 low energy radio with direct single-ended 50Ω antenna connection
  • Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 qualified stack with optional Bluetooth features
  • Multiple links support
  • Ultra-low power operation
  • 16-bit microprocessor with 80KB RAM
  • 64KB one-time programmable memory with 256KB internal flash memory (some package variants)
  • Memory interface for external SPI flash
  • Single crystal design with minimal eBOM
  • Direct battery connection
  • Integrated G.722 and G.711 audio codecs
  • PDM and I2S audio interfaces
  • Variety of peripheral interfaces – I2C, SPI, and UART
  • PWMs, edge capture hardware and quadrature decoders
  • Co-processor for low-power background exe
  • Direct LCD glass drive
  • 10-bit ADC 
  • Enhanced key scanning hardware
  • Up to 37 re-assignable programmable digital I/Os with wake on any I/O function
  • SDK with compiler and extensive set of example applications
  • Flexible hardware development kit
  • Example product designs