About Us

Qualcomm Developer Network is a collection of software and hardware tools, inspiring our community of developers to push the boundaries of mobile. We’re continuously creating some of the most innovative, powerful and disruptive technologies in the world, and Qualcomm Developer Network is the gateway through which you can discover the tools you need, whether you’re building high-performance apps, smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices, immersive gaming experiences or for other emerging technologies.

Our range of development devices, powered by Snapdragon™ processors, is designed to give you early access to the technology that will power the devices of tomorrow, allowing you to have apps and components that will be ready when new products become available. Our hardware offerings expose the Snapdragon processor, letting you harness its full functionality in your product development efforts. Our software solutions help you get the most out of Snapdragon processors, meaning you can optimize your apps for the processor that powers more than 1 billion devices worldwide. On Qualcomm Developer Network you can also gain access to our advanced mobile gaming and graphics platform.

Above all else, Qualcomm Developer Network is a community of coders, makers and thought-leaders. We’re working together to share ideas and inspiration for the next generation of high-performance experiences and designs.