LTE Broadcast SDK

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Qualcomm LTE Broadcast SDK

Qualcomm LTE Broadcast DASH SDK

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The Qualcomm LTE Broadcast SDK gives developers the power to bring LTE Broadcast connectivity and content to their apps. This resource includes the APIs, tools, and documentation to develop and test LTE Broadcast applications for Android-based mobile devices with LTE broadcast service capabilities. The SDK defines the application interface to the Qualcomm LTE Broadcast middleware to make it easier to integrate services such as streaming video and file delivery into an app. The package also includes a Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) player for optional use which allows developers to build applications for playback of DASH encoded content with the media player on Android-based devices.

The LTE Broadcast SDK has been widely adopted by application developers and verified by operators, OEMs, and infrastructure vendors around the world. By using the common API available in this SDK, developers can be part of helping LTE Broadcast reach its full potential. The objective is to provide consumers consistency in application behavior and user experience by creating synergies in LTE Broadcast application development that will benefit everyone in the ecosystem.

By providing commonality in formats and interfaces for application development, LTE Broadcast services are a highly efficient way to deliver content. This groundbreaking SDK builds on Qualcomm Technologies long history in mobile broadcast and gives developers the opportunity to transform how your users interact with live content.