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Thursday 12/8/16 11:49am
Posted By Mike Roberts
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Use DragonBoard 410c to Move from Mobile to IoT Development

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take the programming skills you already have – the knowledge that has taken years to master – and find a way to easily apply those same skills to another area of technology development? Of course it would. Even better if those skills could be applied to a hot technology that everyone is focusing on right now.

Monday 11/21/16 10:18am
Posted By Kiran Koshy
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Need Wi-Fi Connectivity for Your MCU? Get the GT202

Your MCU design is good; your MCU design with Wi-Fi connectivity for IoT would be even better.

In other words, it’s good that you’ve built a microcontroller application that controls temperature, for example. But now your customers say, “Add Wi-Fi connectivity so we can control temperature from anywhere in the world.”

Do you really want to implement Wi-Fi yourself?

Thought not. That’s a build-or-buy question that’s pretty easy to answer.


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