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Exploring Different Types of Neural Networks

Neural networks are fast becoming an essential tool for today’s machine learning (ML) practitioners. In some of our previous blogs on ML, we discussed how a simple, feed-forward neural network works...

Heterogeneous Computing for your Demanding Apps

Today’s apps demand a lot from our mobile devices. From games to VR, and signal processing to AI, modern apps are truly multifaceted, placing all sorts of demands on our devices. For mobile...

Use Cases That Benefit from Hexagon DSP SDK — Version 3.5 Available Now

DSP programmers: You’ve told us that the only thing worse than seeing your DSP workloads crash is having to send us the memory dump for analysis. And you’re right: It is a headache, or used to be,...

The Role of the Realtime Operating System (RTOS) in Mobile

What is an “RTOS” or “real time operating system” and why should embedded system and mobile developers care about it? RTOS vs GPOS To understand the importance of RTOS, let’s start by looking at...

Qualcomm Hexagon SDK 3.0 – DSP Power and Efficiency

“I’d like to program the DSP and move our app toward heterogeneous computing. How will that increase processing power, improve compute efficiency and reduce power consumption?” Most of the...

Keep Calm and Customize a DSP – Hexagon SDK 1.0 Launches

When you port your speech and audio tasks from the CPU onto the DSP, you open the doors to high efficiency, improved performance and low latency. You can offer your users crystal-clear audio streams...


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