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Friday 11/3/17 11:32am
Posted By Mike Roberts
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Developer of the Month: Steve Nix from ForwardXP

Qualcomm® Developer Network November Developer of the Month is Steve Nix, CEO and Founder of ForwardXP, based in Dallas, Texas.

ForwardXP develops immersive software applications for emerging platforms including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Their proprietary technology focuses on the intersection of these platforms with Voice User Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence.

Sunday 10/29/17 04:00pm
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Adopting Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things

IoT has gone from connecting ordinary devices like light bulbs, cameras, sensors and thermostats, to smart assistants, baby monitors and smart appliances. We can now use data from sensors, microphone/audio and camera/video for the continuous training and predictive capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

We’re now ready to operate smart, powerful devices out at the network edge.

AI at the Edge

AI based on neural networks consists primarily of training and inferencing.


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