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Minidump: New Tool for Selecting the Regions of RAM for Post-Crash Analysis

Co-written with Elliot Berman Instead of copying and parsing the complete RAM dump after a device crash, what if you could collect only the debug information you want? It would reduce the time and...

Gunyah Hypervisor Software - Supporting Protected VMs in Android Virtualization Framework

Co-written with Prakruthi Deepak Heragu If you’ve started working with Android Virtualization Framework (AVF), then you probably know that it offers a set of APIs so you can configure and launch...

Developing for Windows on Snapdragon? See Microsoft’s new App Assure Advisory Service

How are you finding the process of porting your Windows apps to run on processors like Snapdragon? We’ve been telling you for a long time that it’s easier than you think to start developing Arm-...

How to reduce power consumption on Qualcomm displays by using solid fill planes

Co-written by Jessica Zhang and Abhinav Kumar This post coincides with a presentation by Jessica Zhang and Abhinav Kumar at X.Org Developers Conference 2023 (XDC 2023). Kumar and Zhang are...

How Absolute Audio Labs Improves Hearing-Aid Performance for both Speech and Music

People with hearing loss often face a tough choice: although hearing aids make it easier to understand speech, they do so at the expense of music enjoyment. Aernout Arends, the founder of Absolute...

Adding HDR Video Capabilities to Android Apps

Co-written by Sunid Wilson, Director of Engineering, Camera and Satish Goverdhan, Sr. Director of Engineering, Camera The latest Android devices feature powerful mobile compute and rich media...

Shaping the Future of Mobile CAD with Shapr3D

Today, most of us don’t think much about how the products we buy were designed. But behind the scenes, product design is one of the most crucial steps in bringing physical products to life....

Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing Improves Lighting Effects in Mobile Gaming

How realistic is the light representation in the mobile games you develop? A big part of the user experience in all games is how well you approximate the real-world model of light, including...


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