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Guest Blog: Leap Motion & Qualcomm Technologies - A Template for the Future of Mobile VR

Martin Schubert is a VR Designer, Developer and Evangelist at Leap Motion. With a background in architecture and spatial studies, Martin designs and develops Leap Motion enabled VR experiences such...

Heterogeneous Computing: An Architecture and a Technique

If you’re looking to create great mobile experiences, optimization isn’t optional: it’s a crucial step that helps transform good ideas into great execution. In our previous “Start Cooking with...

Start Cooking with Heterogeneous Computing Tools on QDN

How can I improve the performance of my application? How can I get more out of my hardware? If limited processing power, energy management and thermal issues are important to your product’s...

DSP Libraries for Computer Vision and GEMM in Hexagon SDK 3.1

Have you started DSP programming with the Qualcomm® Hexagon™ SDK 3.1 yet? When we released the kit, I posted about the compiler for C++11/14 that we included so you can move code traditionally run on...

Use C++ in Your DSP Programming with Hexagon SDK 3.1

In our quest to simplify heterogeneous programming for you, we’ve released a C++11/14 compiler and libraries for convolutional networks. Download the Qualcomm® Hexagon™ SDK 3.1 to start working with...

Profiling VR Apps for Better Performance

High performance in virtual reality apps is important to users, but we developers need to be smart about how we deliver it. Does it surprise you to learn that 96% of mobile users consider...

Use DragonBoard 410c to Move from Mobile to IoT Development

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take the programming skills you already have – the knowledge that has taken years to master – and find a way to easily apply those same skills to another area of...

Developer of the Month: David Barry Brings Augmented and Virtual Reality to Education

It’s an exciting time for augmented and virtual reality. David Barry, Qualcomm® Developer of the Month for November, knows this well. The possibilities for augmented and virtual reality in...

Heterogeneous Computing Made Simpler with Symphony SDK

What do you do when your always-on application needs image processing, computer vision or machine learning, but it keeps maxing out the CPU and causing cores to shut down from thermal throttling? “...


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