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AI for Qualcomm Compute: How to add AI to your Windows on Snapdragon App

Windows on Snapdragon is the next-generation Windows platform. Powered by Qualcomm Technologies’ mobile compute platforms like the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3, Windows on Snapdragon offers powerful...

The Latest in IoT: Connecting the Dots for More Intelligent Industries

Industries across the world are transforming in front of our eyes. Through technologies such as AI, robotics and 5G, business processes are becoming smarter and more automated, all the way from the...

From A to Z – Learn the Fundamentals of Qualcomm AI in our new course

You might have seen a few headlines lately about AI, most notably generative AI. While most people tend to think that AI requires powerful, cloud-based servers, today’s edge devices, like...

A High School Project: Computer Vision and Robotics to Enhance Waste Recycling

Waste recycling is still inefficient in many countries. In particular, even in 2023,many valuable materials like precious metals are still melted down or compacted and buried. Unfortunately, the cost...

Highlights from Linaro Connect 2023

We recently returned from Linaro Connect 2023, which took place in London, UK, April 26-28, 2023. For those of you who are not familiar, the Linaro organization contributes to the open source...

Updating Deep Learning Models Right on the Mobile Device — Transfer Learning and Fine-Tuning

“It’s a good model,” you say, thinking about the model you’ve trained in the cloud for your machine learning application. “I just wish we could fine-tune it on the user’s device.” Now you can do...

Why Snapdragon Spaces is a big deal for AR Development

We believe that lightweight headworn AR glasses are poised to become the next evolution of the smartphone. They offer even more immersive experiences than 2D screens and will transition users from...

Distributed Computing Across the Edge and the Cloud

Today, edge devices are everywhere, with tens of billions more expected to be deployed in the coming years. They are used for everything from measuring temperatures and tracking assets to controlling...

Dreams of Sci-Fi: How the Ideas of Yesterday Become the Reality of Today

What do on-demand language translation, self-driving cars, and video calls have in common? They’re all examples of today’s ubiquitous technology that was once the figment of science fiction (sci-fi...


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