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Windows on Snapdragon Developer Highlights

Do you have a product that delivers the optimal user experience to your customers with Windows on Snapdragon laptops? Porting the app to run natively on ARM64 is a great initial step for optimization...

IoT Summit with Sierra Wireless

Some ideas make money, some change the world. Both are important Do you plan to pitch your IoT innovation to judges or investors any time soon? Learn from six potentially profitable, world-changing...

Developers: It’s Your 5G Wake-Up Call. Time to Start Designing It into Your Apps.

5G is calling. Are you ready to answer? The 5G rollout has started with the world’s first commercial 5G networks launching in the US, Europe, South Korea and China, and it is first available on...

Snapdragon Supports PyTorch 1.0 — AI Research and Production in the Same Framework

The two main phases of AI development — researching your models and deploying them to production — usually require separate frameworks. You might perform your research and make your improvements...

Developing Expansive Video Experiences on Mobile

Thanks to today’s advanced mobile devices, video content is everywhere and being consumed in more ways than ever including high resolution 4K video capture/streaming and playback, interactive videos...

Women in Hardware Video Series: Interview with Tia Cassett

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re continuing to tell the story of women in technology. We’re proud to participate in the Women in Hardware series presented by Adafruit and

20 Shades of AI – Finalists in the Artificial Intelligence Developer Contest

The only thing a developer community likes more than a cool, new programming frontier (like artificial intelligence) is the chance to win cool, new hardware (like the Snapdragon® 835 Mobile Hardware...

How Developers are Redesigning Their Own Education

The demand for developers is higher than ever. We live in a world that is increasingly reliant on digital technology and tools, and developers help keep it all running. The US Bureau of Labor...