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Using the DSP to maximize music enjoyment – Alango Technologies

With smartphones, portable speakers, earbuds and in-vehicle audio, it keeps getting easier to listen to your music anywhere you want to. But what about making the sound in harmony with real listener...

Three-Dimensional Sound Field from a Portable, One-Box Speaker – Cear pavé

Portable speakers have been overdue for technical advancement. Most products include a speaker, an amplifier and a Bluetooth receiver inside a box that fits in your hand. They play audio, but not...

Power-efficient acceleration for large language models – Qualcomm Cloud AI SDK

Want to accelerate your large language model (LLM) inference workloads without blowing your power budget? Or your cooling budget? The Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 performs AI inference on the edge cloud...

Build Enhanced Video Conference Experiences

Advances in video conference technologies let users collaborate across geographies, time zones, and even pandemics. But great experiences happen when every attendee feels immersed in the meeting, and...

Running Dynamic Spatial Audio Inside Earbuds – IDUN audio

What will it take for headphone audio to feel and sound like real-world audio? The engineers at IDUN audio in Denmark have an answer: dynamic spatial audio. They’ve implemented an...

A Virtual Showcase of the Open-source Development Model

For Linux developers who build low-level kernel and driver solutions, the open-source development model plays a key role in helping to drive innovation forward. This model allows you to take...

AWS Smart Manufacturing at the Connected Intelligent Edge

We have conversations all the time with people trying to understand the business value of combining cloud computing and edge computing. And when we show them an application like the AWS IoT...

Demonstrating the Connected Intelligent Edge at Embedded World

The international embedded computing community marked its 20th anniversary with this year’s Embedded World conference in Nuremberg. At our booth, innovative companies from around the globe exhibited...

How ColdTrace X is Protecting Life-Saving Vaccines, One Cold Room at a Time

The World Health Organization reports that over 50% of vaccines worldwide are wasted. Millions of doses of vaccines are discarded because they have not been stored at the correct temperature as they...


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