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Tuesday 5/21/19 09:00am
Posted By Felix Baum
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Working AI into your Game Development


If you haven’t thought about gaming for your next AI project, we’d like to encourage you to consider it! In mobile game development, data is one of the most powerful tools. Although game development has previously used some sort of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s usually been in the form of basic algorithms and scripted sequences. However, with the rise in processing power, the increasing number of AI libraries, and creative new uses of AI, game development can now leverage many more approaches to AI, such as machine learning.

Thursday 5/16/19 09:00am
Posted By Dev Singh
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A Four-Phase Strategy for Robotic Vision Processing, Part One

The Evolution of Vision in Robotics

First-generation consumer robots, such as the first robotic vacuum cleaners introduced to consumers, were relatively simplistic and had limited abilities to self-navigate and perform tasks. They detected their surrounding through methods like barriers with infrared transmitters, and shock sensors to detect collisions. But that has all changed.


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