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Wednesday 1/29/20 09:41am
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Thread: A Low-Power Mesh Network Protocol for IoT

Thread is an emerging IoT protocol designed to meet the interoperability, security, power, and architectural challenges for connected homes and commercial building applications and is available in Qualcomm® QCA402x developer kits. In this blog we’ll take an introductory look at who’s behind Thread and how it works. We’ll also look at who’s supporting Thread, and how you can get started with it.

Thursday 1/23/20 09:00am
Posted By Ketal Gandhi
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Technology and Systems Behind Digital Signage

Signs have been guiding mankind with information for centuries, with some of the earliest commercial signs being made out of stone and terracotta. Today, signs can range from simple metal panels with information painted on them, to electronic signage that lights up to convey signals (e.g., traffic control signals) or other information. Now, even the humble sign has gone digital with dynamic functionality including multimedia, interactivity, and artificial intelligence (AI).


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