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Wednesday 11/29/17 08:00am
Posted By Leilani DeLeon
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Tense Competition in XR Development – 5-Part Video Series Kicks Off

Extended reality developers are showing us that XR (AR/VR) still has a lot of Wild West excitement to it. The software and hardware are evolving, use cases run the gamut from gaming to emergency training and the development process can be pretty intense.

In fact, it has all the makings of a mini-series for reality TV. So we’ve made one with Machinima.

Friday 11/3/17 11:32am
Posted By Mike Roberts
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Developer of the Month: Steve Nix from ForwardXP

Qualcomm® Developer Network November Developer of the Month is Steve Nix, CEO and Founder of ForwardXP, based in Dallas, Texas.

ForwardXP develops immersive software applications for emerging platforms including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Their proprietary technology focuses on the intersection of these platforms with Voice User Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence.


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