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Developer of the Month: Martin Forest on Using CSRmesh Connectivity to Power Smart Lighting

How can Bluetooth® help keep your home secure? We find out with Qualcomm® Developer Network’s Developer of the Month Martin Forest, who uses CSRmesh™ connectivity to power BeON Home smart security...

Developer of the Month: Virtual Reality & IoT with Sanket Prabhu of Mobiliya

The city of Pune is a hotbed for technology in India, and Qualcomm® Developer of the Month Sanket Prabhu of Mobiliya is a part of both the thriving tech scene there, and a worldwide community of...

Developer of the Month: Sleep Monitors & Qualcomm Snapdragon with Evan Shapiro

Embedded deep learning for a better night’s sleep? This might be the coziest-sounding use of a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor we’ve ever heard of. Meet Qualcomm Developer of the month Evan Shapiro,...

Developer of the Month: David Barry Brings Augmented and Virtual Reality to Education

It’s an exciting time for augmented and virtual reality. David Barry, Qualcomm® Developer of the Month for November, knows this well. The possibilities for augmented and virtual reality in...

Developer of the Month: Manoharan Ramachandran Describes Using Snapdragon Processors in His Road Safety App "Drowsy Driver"

Meet Manoharan Ramachandran, our developer of the month for October. Manoharan is the creator of Drowsy Driver, a road safety app to keep drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. We talked to him...

Developer of the Month: Aryan Behzadi Brings AR Ideas to Life with Qualcomm Technologies

With a world suddenly full of augmented reality enthusiasts thanks to Pokemon Go, can we here at Qualcomm be assume there aren’t others out there wanting to create augmented reality (AR) creatures of...

Developer of the Month: Andy Clark Blends Mechanics, Electronics & Software to Make Wonderful Things

What happens when you give a maker with a wild imagination a DragonBoard 410c? You get a fully operational Dragon Detector, naturally. OK, you may be thinking “But there’s no such thing as dragons!”...

Developer of the Month: Joachim Horn from SAM Labs Teaches Kids to Code with Bluetooth-Enabled Toys

Developer of the month, Joachim Horn, founder and CEO of London-based start-up SAM Labs is convinced that kids can truly have fun while learning to code. You just need to give them the right toys. It...

Developer of the Month: Paul Sokolovsky Knows Good Things Come in Small Packages with MicroPython

They say that good things come in small packages. Maybe they should say “micro packages”. Our latest developer of the month, Paul Sokolovsky (pictured below), is working on projects that require...


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