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Tuesday 7/9/19 09:00am
Posted By Rajan Mistry
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The Role of the Realtime Operating System (RTOS) in Mobile

What is an “RTOS” or “real time operating system” and why should embedded system and mobile developers care about it?


To understand the importance of RTOS, let’s start by looking at what a “general-purpose OS” (GPOS) is. You’re probably already familiar with GPOSes, as they’re the kind found on devices you use every day, like your smart phone and work PC (e.g., Android, Windows, etc.).

Tuesday 6/25/19 09:00am
Posted By Felix Baum
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Running Inference Using a Pre-trained Neural Network

In a previous artificial intelligence blog, AI Machine Learning Algorithms – How a Neural Network Works, we looked at the basics of how a neural network is structured with layers and how such a network is trained. And while there are many steps and a lot to think about, thankfully there are many AI frameworks and pre-built networks out there that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.


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