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Tuesday 10/2/18 09:35am
Posted By Gary Brotman
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Snapdragon Supports PyTorch 1.0 — AI Research and Production in the Same Framework

The two main phases of AI development — researching your models and deploying them to production — usually require separate frameworks. You might perform your research and make your improvements using Python-based PyTorch and lots of computational power, then use Caffe2 to deploy a lightweight model to production that will run on lower-power devices like smartphones. Each iteration between the frameworks involves steps, tools and time.

Friday 9/7/18 01:59pm
Posted By Hongqiang Wang
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OpenCL Optimization: Stop Leaving Compute Cycles on the Table

Co-written by Hongqiang Wang, Raga Ramachandra, and Alex Bourd

Have you started programming on the Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU yet? For compute-intensive operations, you’ll find cycles in the GPU that you can’t afford to leave on the table.

Your apps can get higher performance with lower power consumption when you optimize your code for specific GPUs. With heterogeneous computing you can offload tasks like image/video processing and machine learning inference from CPU to GPU.


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