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Thursday 5/7/20 09:00am
Posted By Brian Vogelsang
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XRHealth: Crossing Realities into the Future of Telehealth

In times of uncertainty, society often turns to new and disruptive innovations to overcome its challenges. Nowhere is that timely statement more relevant than in remote health care.

One company that has been making great strides in this area is XRHealth, a premium virtual reality (VR) medical company, certified (ISO, FDA, and HIPAA compliant) to develop FDA/CE-registered medical applications.

Tuesday 4/21/20 09:02am
Posted By Rajan Mistry
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Working from Home? Take Time to Upskill

Are you looking for some ways to sharpen your development skills with some extra time you may have right now?

Maybe this is a good time to look at new areas of development, such as robotics or mobile gaming. Or, you could figure out how to incorporate new technology and tools into your current app development, like combining AI with IoT development.


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