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How Do You Develop Intuitive Experiences in a World of Ambient Computing?

The start of a new year is often time to look ahead, to set resolutions, and make bold predictions. In the New Year’s spirit, we wanted to share our crystal ball of how we envision technology playing...

Designing for User Freedom in VR

Designing for User Freedom in VR Whether you are a veteran developer or new to the community, designing experiences for virtual reality (VR) requires careful consideration of a user’s sensory...

What Will Smarter Cameras Inspire You to Build?

Smarter Cameras – What Will You Build? Cameras have moved beyond a simple device for capturing family vacation pics. Even in industrial uses, the reading of barcodes and labels seem like child’s play...

Developer of the Month: Steve Nix from ForwardXP

Qualcomm® Developer Network November Developer of the Month is Steve Nix, CEO and Founder of ForwardXP, based in Dallas, Texas. ForwardXP develops immersive software applications for emerging...

New Developer Journeys: Extending into New Development Areas

It’s a great time to learn something new. Technologies including the cloud, IoT, machine learning and virtual reality are reshaping entire industries and opening doors to innovations almost...

Hardware-Software Convergence: Key Skills to Consider

Hardware-software convergence, or how hardware and software systems are working more closely together, illustrates how each are empowering (and sometimes literally powering) the other. And in our...


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