Looking for rapid development in AR? Take a page from Youbiquo’s book

Tuesday 8/18/20 09:00am
Posted By Brian Vogelsang
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Suppose you're building a new augmented reality (AR) wearable for an enterprise customer who needs it as soon as possible. Should you cobble together technologies like 3D rendering, computer vision and natural language processing on your own, or use components that already contain them as an integrated whole?

That was an easy decision for Youbiquo when it was designing and engineering its Talens Halo, and it should be an easy one for you too.

Rapid development of augmented reality smart glasses

Youbiquo's customers include large manufacturing companies whose maintenance staff troubleshoot components and solve mechanical problems in the field. Having to look up diagrams and documentation on a laptop computer doesn't make those tasks any easier, and smartphones and tablets are not much of an improvement.

Youbiquo has made its mark in Industry 4.0, applying experience in wearable electronics, IoT devices, AR and artificial intelligence. The company was in the right place to design AR smart glasses, but its manufacturing clients needed a short development cycle so they could implement and fine-tune custom features.

The urgency led Youbiquo to source hardware com¬ponents and software libraries from Lantronix for the advance release of the Talens Halo augmented reality smart glasses. Lantronix's Open-Q™ 626 μSOM, based on the Qualcomm® APQ8053-Pro SoC, had the connectivity, processing power, thermal profile, built-in software and price point Youbiquo was looking for.

The shortened development cycle left ample time for Youbiquo's clients to customize and test the smart glasses. As a result, they can now provide remote, hands-free support to their field technicians.

Read the case study

Reinventing the wheel for your application is no fun and it slows you down. Building your app around an already-perfect wheel is much more efficient, keeps your customers happier and lets you move on to the next project sooner.

Read the Qualcomm Technologies case study, Augmented Reality Solutions for Enterprises, featuring Youbiquo and Lantronix. Find out how you can work with suppliers in our ecosystem to shorten your time to commercialization and give your customers the features and flexibility they want.

Qualcomm APQ8053 is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.