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How Absolute Audio Labs Improves Hearing-Aid Performance for both Speech and Music

People with hearing loss often face a tough choice: although hearing aids make it easier to understand speech, they do so at the expense of music enjoyment. Aernout Arends, the founder of Absolute...

Unlocking Your Health Secrets: The Hidden Potential of Earbud Technology

How much can earbuds tell you about your health? Quite a bit. Earbud technology from MindMics measures the low-frequency vibrations generated by arteries, fluids, bones and muscles near the ear...

Dreams of Sci-Fi: How the Ideas of Yesterday Become the Reality of Today

What do on-demand language translation, self-driving cars, and video calls have in common? They’re all examples of today’s ubiquitous technology that was once the figment of science fiction (sci-fi...

Human-to-Human Communication with Flexible Audio Technology

In our series on Audio Technologies, DSP Concepts contributed a blog on Building Voice Assistants for Home Audio, followed by both Fundamentals of Voice UI: Part I: Building Blocks and...

Building Intelligent Health and Fitness Wearables

Wearables are being used in new and interesting ways and have gained prominence amongst consumers for several years now. For example, the latest smartwatches bring high performance to your wrist...

XR Viewers – A New Level of Development Opportunities

Extended reality (XR) is on track to transform industries by changing the way we live and work. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) leads the way in the XR ecosystem by delivering photo-realistic...

Top 5 QDN Projects for 2019

Technology resources available through Qualcomm Developer Network (QDN) are used by many different types of developers around the world ranging from our industry customers, OEMs, and ecosystem...

How to use AI to enhance today’s wearables

Wearables have been part of our lives for years, but now we are at a convergence point for wearables where hardware and software, in combination with artificial intelligence (AI), can help improve...

FAQs for IoT Connectivity Options

Following the posting of our new Connectivity Options for IoT Developers eBook, we want to focus in on the connectivity options touched on in the eBook. There we identified various connectivity...


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