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Thursday 12/7/23 06:02am
Posted By Zifeng Li
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Generating 3D scenes from 2D images more efficiently – Mobile NeRF rendering using Vulkan on Adreno GPU

Co-written with Aleksandra Krstic, Alex Bourd and Shuaib Arshad.

Suppose you came home from vacation with a few dozen photos from different perspectives of the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal or Michelangelo’s David. What if you wanted to “walk” around them again, if only virtually? That would entail stitching all the 2D images together somehow to create a 3D scene you could view from different, freely placed points, as in the video below.

Thursday 10/26/23 05:30am
Posted By Jonathan Tinkham
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Reducing Rendering Work and Memory Operations in Stereoscopic Scenes – New Multiview Extensions for Vulkan

To render stereoscopic views in extended reality (XR) development, how do you treat each view differently and account for the difference in perspective? A common XR technique is to use multi-viewport for viewports and scissor out different regions of each eye, but multi-viewport ignores clears and is incompatible with other XR extensions. It can also prevent foveation and slow down the rendering work.


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