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Accelerate your models with our OpenCL ML SDK

Are you using OpenCL to run machine learning workloads on the Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU? Want to optimize your application and improve performance? Download our OpenCL ML SDK and use our OpenCL extension...

Use Cases That Benefit from Hexagon DSP SDK — Version 3.5 Available Now

DSP programmers: You’ve told us that the only thing worse than seeing your DSP workloads crash is having to send us the memory dump for analysis. And you’re right: It is a headache, or used to be,...

Cellular IoT — MDM9206 Modem and New LTE for IoT SDK

Let’s think about what you’re going to need for the truly global Internet of Things and the devices you’re building: LTE IoT, because you want cellular coverage to track assets and Things where you...