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Vuforia 2.5 now supports English text recognition and improved tracking for a broader set of challenging targets

We're happy to announce that the new Vuforia SDK 2.5 for Android and iOS is now available for download. Along with Text Recognition (first shown off at CES 2013 in Sesame Street's Big Bird's Words...

Vuforia SDK 2.0: Augmented Reality with the Power of the Cloud

We've been working very hard on Vuforia over the last year and it’s always rewarding to see all the things developers have come up with. There has been tremendous interest from developers all over...

AllJoyn Peer-2-Peer App Challenge – Meet the Judges

We’re past the halfway mark in the AllJoyn™ Peer-2-Peer App Challenge. The deadline to submit your app is December 27, 2012. There is $170,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, so get moving! I’m...

How You Can Rock the AllJoyn Peer-2-Peer App Challenge

Have you heard about developing peer-to-peer (P2P), proximity based apps with AllJoyn™, but haven’t jumped in yet because you’re unsure how to use it? Or have you been hesitant because AllJoyn was...

Peer-to-Peer Apps on iOS, Android & Windows 8 with AllJoyn

AllJoyn™ for iOS, Windows RT and Android is here, and you can download the AllJoyn SDK 3.0 now from Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. Get ready to give your customers your real-time, peer-to-peer (...

Start coding for your part of $170,000 – The AllJoyn Peer-2-Peer App Challenge

Have you noticed how much we've been blogging lately about AllJoyn™ and proximity-based, peer-to-peer (P2P) networking? We've been leading up to a few things, and I'm excited to tell you about one of...

$200K in Prizes—Is Your App Ready for the Windows RT App Developer Contest?

How’s your app coming for the Windows RT App Developer Contest? There’s $200K in prizes on the line and just over a month until submissions for the contest close. I’ve got a couple of exciting...


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