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New Tool for XR Developers: Qualcomm 3D Audio Plugin for Unity

With all the work you’ve put into making your extended reality (XR) projects in Unity as immersive as you can, don’t you want audio that keeps up? After all, your users’ eyes are basking in six...

Adopting Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things

IoT has gone from connecting ordinary devices like light bulbs, cameras, sensors and thermostats, to smart assistants, baby monitors and smart appliances. We can now use data from sensors, microphone...

On-Device AI with Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine SDK

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are evolving fast, with headline-grabbing changes in games, human conversations, social media and even fuel pumps. And when you step back and...

Deep Thinking: The Insight Driving Automated Systems Innovation

Autonomous Systems (AS) are set to disrupt traditional industries, creating a global robotics opportunity that, according to analysts at Tractica, could be worth up to $151 billion by 2020. Assistive...

Start Cooking with Heterogeneous Computing Tools on QDN

How can I improve the performance of my application? How can I get more out of my hardware? If limited processing power, energy management and thermal issues are important to your product’s...

New Release: Deeper DSP Customization with Qualcomm® Hexagon™ SDK 2.0 (Part 2 of 2)

If you’re interested in DSP customization, then you’ve already convinced yourself of the advantages that heterogeneous computing can bring to your application. A few days ago I posted about three new...

New Release: Deeper DSP Customization with Qualcomm® Hexagon™ SDK 2.0 (Part 1 of 2)

New chipset support. New target DSP. New real-time tuning. New compiler. New options for audio algorithms. What are point-releases for, but to introduce new functions? We’ve recently released...

Device Differentiation — DSP Customization Comes to the Value Tier

What could you do with 500MHz of spare DSP MIPS on a value-tier device? If you are like many OEMs we work with, you can build in new and unique features or incorporate power-saving capabilities that...


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