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Qualcomm Hexagon Product Suite

Qualcomm Hexagon Product Suite is released as part of the Qualcomm Package Manager, and it bundles a set of tools, software, and documentation designed to assist developers in running applications on Snapdragon devices by utilizing the Hexagon DSP. Starting in 4.x, Hexagon SDK offers a more flexible architecture providing a base SDK, and a number of add-ons to build on top of the Hexagon SDK for specific functions and use cases.

  • Hexagon SDK 4.x. The base SDK contains various tools to build, compile, debug, profile and sign the Hexagon DSP. It also provides shared Hexagon libraries for run-time application, such as FastRPC framework.
  • Compute Add-on 1.x. The compute add-on contains libraries and tools to develop general compute-intensive applications, which are primarily focused on data, image and video processing use cases.
  • Audio 1.x. The audio add-on contains libraries and examples to help you develop general audio related modules and applications that are primarily focused on signal processing use cases.
  • eAI. The eAI add-on contains libraries and tools to provide ML runtime and optimization for eNPU deeply embedded, low power and low memory use cases.

Hexagon Series 500 Documentation

  • Hexagon LLVM C/C++ Compiler
  • Hexagon GNU C/C++ Compiler
  • Hexagon C Library
  • Hexagon C++ Library
  • Hexagon Binutils] binutils_user_guide
  • Hexagon Simulator
  • Hexagon Simulator System API
  • Hexagon GDB Debugger
  • Hexagon gprof Profiler
  • Hexagon Graphical Profiler
  • Hexagon Code Coverage Profiler
  • Hexagon Resource Analyzer
  • Hexagon Stand-alone Application
  • Hexagon Linker Control Scripts

Hexagon Series 400 Software

  • Hexagon SDK v2.0 software required to run Series 400 software.

Shared Object Format Specifications