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The Hexagon SDK provides for a complete environment to generate dynamic Hexagon DSP code modules that can execute on the included simulator or on Snapdragon 800 based hardware development platforms.

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The Qualcomm® Hexagon™ SDK v2.0 allows you to walk through different examples for programming the Hexagon DSP. Each example shows the development of a DSP shared object module that can be dynamically loaded to the Hexagon DSP for execution and coordination with the host CPU.

Updated 18 Jan 16
Updated 18 Jan 16

Add-On for HVX

The Qualcomm Hexagon SDK v2.0 Add-on for HVX supports the latest Hexagon Series 600 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) architecture, and allows developers to extend their Hexagon Development tools suite to exploit the new features contained in the Hexagon 600 Series of DSP processors. This installer is to be utilized with the Hexagon SDK. 2.0 – install this HVX Add-on after the base Hexagon SDK 2.0 is installed on your development platform..

User Guides

Updated 04 May 15
  • Hexagon LLVM C/C++ Compiler
  • Hexagon GNU C/C++ Compiler
  • Hexagon C Library
  • Hexagon C++ Library
  • Hexagon Binutils] binutils_user_guide
  • Hexagon Simulator
  • Hexagon Simulator System API
  • Hexagon GDB Debugger
  • Hexagon gprof Profiler
  • Hexagon Graphical Profiler
  • Hexagon Code Coverage Profiler
  • Hexagon Resource Analyzer
  • Hexagon Stand-alone Application
  • Hexagon Linker Control Scripts

Hexagon V5x Documentation

Shared Object Format Specifications

Updated 03 Sep 13