Tools and Resources

The Hexagon SDK provides for a complete environment to generate dynamic Hexagon DSP code modules that can execute on the included simulator or on Snapdragon 800 based hardware development platforms.

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User Guides

Updated 04 May 15
  • Hexagon LLVM C/C++ Compiler
  • Hexagon GNU C/C++ Compiler
  • Hexagon C Library
  • Hexagon C++ Library
  • Hexagon Binutils] binutils_user_guide
  • Hexagon Simulator
  • Hexagon Simulator System API
  • Hexagon GDB Debugger
  • Hexagon gprof Profiler
  • Hexagon Graphical Profiler
  • Hexagon Code Coverage Profiler
  • Hexagon Resource Analyzer
  • Hexagon Stand-alone Application
  • Hexagon Linker Control Scripts

Quick Reference Cards

Updated 03 Sep 13
  • Hexagon V5 Instruction Quick Reference
  • Hexagon V4 Instruction Quick Reference
  • Hexagon Tools Reference Card

Programmers References

Updated 03 Sep 13
  • Hexagon V5 Programmers Reference
  • Hexagon V4 Programmers Reference

Shared Object Format Specifications

Updated 03 Sep 13

Other Documentation

Updated 16 Jan 14

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