Snapdragon Ride SDK Tutorial Videos

Here are several tutorial videos to help get you started with your Snapdragon® Ride SDK development.

Snapdragon Ride SDK Installation Guide Tutorial
Here are the steps you will follow after you have downloaded the Snapdragon Ride SDK, and then how to follow the installation process (full installation can take up to forty-five minutes to complete). The video also covers how to connect to the Snapdragon Ride Console following installation.
Snapdragon Ride SDK Build Tutorial
Follow these steps to create and flash a build to the platform for the Snapdragon Ride SDK by utilizing our Platform Toolkit. This process can take up to twenty minutes to complete.
Snapdragon Ride SDK Flash Build Tutorial
Watch this video to learn the process so that you can flash a previously generated build to the Snapdragon Ride Platform. The flash process can take up to ten minutes to complete.
Snapdragon Ride SDK Validation Tutorial
If you are looking to verify basic functionality with your Snapdragon Ride SDK build, you will utilize the platform toolkit where you can find several tests listed. Here you can run a number of different test cases, and view the results to make sure your build is performing as it should.
Snapdragon Ride SDK Benchmarking Tutorial
For performance benchmarking of your Snapdragon Ride SDK, this tutorial shows how to create a profile of neural network configurations they can run on the platform and collect KPIs. This tutorial runs through the different steps you follow to run this configuration.
Snapdragon Ride SDK Platform SDK Tutorial
The Platform SDK provides documentation and sample code for the core modules available on the Snapdragon Ride platform. Now you can review sample code in individual modules, as well as go through available documentation for the core modules available.
Snapdragon Ride SDK Camera Perception Application Tutorial
This tutorial walks through the camera perception sample application within the Snapdragon Ride Platform. Here you can see samples of the camera, pre-processing, inference, and post-processing. You will need cameras connected to the platform to run this application.

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