Snapdragon Ride Platform

The Snapdragon Ride™ platform is car-to-cloud, connected ADAS infrastructure that includes:

  • Low-power SoC platforms comprising high-performance compute and AI engines with functional safety built-in.
  • Out-of-the-box, flexible vision solutions supporting front and surround camera.
  • A rich tool set that provides simulation and continuous learning frameworks. The DNN used in the device can be uploaded to the cloud for faster training. After that, the newly retrained networks can be redeployed to the device from the cloud.

A key ingredient of the Snapdragon Ride hardware platform is the Snapdragon Ride SoC. Designed to address the needs of the ADAS ecosystem, it has hardware blocks that deliver ADAS applications such as:

  • Machine learning and vision processing blocks for neural network-based perception
  • A vision accelerator for image pre- and post-processing applications
  • Graphic accelerators for visualization and parallel processing GP-GPU support
  • A video processor for streaming media support
  • A system safety manager to ensure ISO 26262 compliance for applications
  • A multi-core, ARM-based CPU for running general-purpose drive policy applications

For additional hardware details, please visit our Snapdragon Ride SDK Tools & Resources page to access the following documents.

The Snapdragon Ride platform comes in two form factors:

Full Thermal / in-vehicle Chassis
  • Die-cast aluminum with embedded heat spreaders and heat pipes
  • High-capacity heat sinking
  • Designed to support 200 TOPS Qualcomm® QAM9000P use case at high ambient temp (65 °C +)
  • Complicated assembly. No physical access to devices and PCB for probing or field modifications
Lab Use Chassis
  • Sheet metal box with individual, peel-and-stick heat sinks
  • Limited thermal capabilities. Not intended for high-power use cases or stress testing
  • Intended for lab development at room temperature only
  • Easy to open, probe and allow some modifications / upgrades

Snapdragon, Snapdragon Ride and QAM9000P are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries