Snapdragon Ride Software Development Kit (SDK)

Download Snapdragon Ride SDK

The Snapdragon Ride™ SDK is designed to provide modules that deliver abstractions to the underlying Snapdragon hardware blocks, as well as the driver software that maximizes KPIs like latency, memory, and bandwidth usage. This allows application developers to focus on custom application logic and quickly develop and deploy applications with modules that are pre-optimized for performance and latency.

The software package inside the SDK includes libraries and software tuned to work with the ADAS SOC and hardware in the platform:

  • Board support package (BSP) — Drivers for cameras and other specialized sensors and hardware blocks for ADAS that are part of the Snapdragon Ride hardware platform
  • Automotive Imaging Systems (AIS) Camera SDK — For the capture of camera frames from a camera serial interface (CSI) input into DDR memory buffers
  • AI SDK — For compiling deep neural network graphs and running them efficiently on the GPU, CPU or the Qualcomm® Hexagon™ Tensor Processor (HTP) cores. The AI SDK supports operators from frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow and Caffe2, and network weights frozen in formats like ONNX and frozen .pb.
  • Qualcomm® ADAS APIs — Libraries providing optimized algorithms for ADAS and autonomy to reduce the end-to-end latency of safety-critical pipelines. The APIs allow you to perform optimized 3D transformations, image conversions, tensor computations and matrix operations and decompositions.
  • Developer tools — For diagnostics and tracing to identify bottlenecks; profiling for CPU, GPU, memory, power, thermal and network performance; scheduling for optimal compute engines; and calibration
  • Development Portal — A single web interface leading to the information needed to start development on the Snapdragon Ride platform

You install the docker image of the SDK software package on an x86 host. Then, build out the target board support package that contains the modules, libraries, and application software relevant to your deployments.

Snapdragon, Snapdragon Ride, Qualcomm ADAS API, and Qualcomm Hexagon are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.