Snapdragon Ride Platform Core SDKs

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. provides a number of libraries and SDKs that are optimized for the SoC and the Snapdragon Ride™ Platform. The libraries span areas that include imaging/camera systems, AI/machine learning and common ADAS algorithms.

For additional hardware details, please visit our Snapdragon Ride SDK Tools & Resources page to access the following documents.

Engine for Visual Analytics (EVA)

Qualcomm® Camera Driver

Qualcomm® ADAS
FastADAS libraries provide highly optimized, cutting-edge ADAS and autonomy algorithms that developers can use to reduce the end-to-end latency of their most safety-critical pipelines. It is a safety-certified library designed to allow your platform and ADAS systems to operate at peak efficiency and minimum latency. Its functionality allows you to perform optimized 3D transformations, image conversions, matrix operations and decompositions and tensor computations.

  • Qualcomm ADAS User Guide
    Describes the ADAS library and how to build and run the sample application in the QNX repository. ADAS is a computer vision (CV) library developed by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) for ADAS applications. It is aimed at providing CV application programming interfaces (API) tuned for QTI automotive chipsets.
  • Qualcomm ADAS API Reference
    Describes the FastADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) API. The Qualcomm ADAS SDK provides highly optimized runtime and state-of-the-art ADAS and autonomy algorithms.

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