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Inatel ICC QTT
Gateway Mission Control Project with the DragonBoard™ 410c
GlobalEdge Software
LTE for IOT Project with the Quectel LTE OPEN EVB paired with Qualcomm MDM9206 modem
GlobalEdge Software
Light Show with the QCA4020 and DragonBoard™ 410c
GlobalEdge Software
Smart Vineyard with AWS Greengrass and the DragonBoard™ 410c
Global Edge
AlexaGo with the DragonBoard™ 410c
George Lu, Morris Chen, Gen Sheng Zhang, Yuka Fukuoka, adragnar
First Aid Kit with the DragonBoard™ 410c
Charles Green, Michael Birk
4 Steps to AWS IoT with the DragonBoard™ 410c
Matheus Campos
AWS Greengrass edge processing on DragonBoard™ 410c
Carlos Reategui
Smart Cap
Tushar Chugh
Kenneth Westfield