Freddy First Aid Kit

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating SystemCloud Service/Platform
BeginnerEmbedded, HealthcareLinuxAmazon AWS IoT

This First Aid kit is designed to allow data entry on demand, synced up to the cloud and viewed by medical professionals.

The Freddy First Aid Kit is a portable first aid kit with an Internet connected interactive device that is designed to allow coaches, trainers, doctors, etc. to input data as they are evaluating their patients. It uses AWS cloud service to upload and analyze the data. This immediate delivery of data allows those involved to enhance first aid care and reduce injuries by dividing the data into different categories (gender, practice/competition, sport, injury area, injury type, etc.).

The main objective of this project is to use the DragonBoard™ 410c development platform from Arrow Electronics to collect and distribute data gathered in a healthcare setting.

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Build / Assembly

We connected the DragonBoard 410c to the Sensors Mezzanine adapter that used the Grove LCD RGB backlight to interface with the user. We used a custom logstash and filebeat configuration to ship data to AWS Elasticsearch. This was then put into graphs and an easily searchable interface.