Smart Lighting Management System

Skill LevelArea of FocusOperating SystemCloud Service/Platform
IntermediateIoT, Smart Cities,
Smart Home
LinuxAmazon AWS IoT

This project is designed to connect lighting systems from different areas, such as home, office building and hotel, to the cloud for centralized management and control. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and manage lighting efficiency.

The DragonBoard™ 410c from Arrow Electronics is used as a gateway that is connected to lights by wired or wireless connections. The DragonBoard 410c is engineered to connect to the cloud platform to provide message delivery, data processing, and cloud storage.

The available lighting management systems generally adopt wired connections such as RS485 bus and PC-based local control. This project attempts to connect the lighting systems to a cloud terminal via a gateway to realize remote control and centralized management. As an extension to this project, mobile phone applications and web applications for client PC’s can be developed to realize system control and management.

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