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Three Radios, Three Boards and a Music Festival – New Developer Projects and Demos

Half the fun of being a developer is building things just because you can. Take us, for example. We have a lab filled with development kits, boards and devices that we can combine for testing and...

AWS (Lambda + Greengrass) + DragonBoard™ 410c = Edge Computing for IoT

If you detected a great opportunity and started writing apps with AWS Lambda, pat yourself on the back. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation surveyed its members and found that 41 percent use...

Women in Hardware Video Series: Interview with Tia Cassett

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re continuing to tell the story of women in technology. We’re proud to participate in the Women in Hardware series presented by Adafruit and

Snapdragon 410E & AWS Greengrass - Intelligence at the Edge

In November 2016, at AWS re:Invent, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. was one of the first companies to demonstrate AWS Greengrass support by working with Solstice to feature a live demonstration of AWS...

Wearable Robotic Fashion: Tentacles, Fabric & DragonBoard 410c

Ever since high school, I’ve had a wild fashion dream: to design a robot dress. Not just any robot dress, mind you, but an elegant gown that can do things like hug people and move with me as I wear...

Use DragonBoard 410c to Move from Mobile to IoT Development

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take the programming skills you already have – the knowledge that has taken years to master – and find a way to easily apply those same skills to another area of...

Developer of the Month: Sleep Monitors & Snapdragon with Evan Shapiro

Embedded deep learning for a better night’s sleep? This might be the coziest-sounding use of a Snapdragon® processor we’ve ever heard of. Meet Qualcomm Developer of the month Evan Shapiro, and his...

Women In Tech - A Recap of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

About 150 employees from Qualcomm® Technologies, Inc. – engineers, program and product managers, IT administrators, programmers, a few VPs and our CIO – attended The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women...

Intern Hackathon Part 4: The Seeing Eye Robot

Are you thinking of getting a pet? How about a robotic pet dog? The idea of a robotic canine companion is awesome, but imagine what one could do for someone with visual impairment. There’s been a...


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