Snapdragon 410E & AWS Greengrass - Intelligence at the Edge

Thursday 6/8/17 10:31am
Posted By Ketal Gandhi
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In November 2016, at AWS re:Invent, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. was one of the first companies to demonstrate AWS Greengrass support by working with Solstice to feature a live demonstration of AWS Greengrass running on the DragonBoard™ 410c development board by Arrow Electronics in a facilities management use case. Today, AWS live streamed their announcement of Greengrass general availability, taking AWS Greengrass out of limited preview, making it openly availability to developers so you can run local compute, messaging and data caching for connected devices. Now it’s time to see what you can invent when you pair the Snapdragon® 410E SoC (APQ8016E) by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. with AWS Greengrass.

How AWS Greengrass Works

AWS Greengrass extends AWS IoT and AWS Lambda functions for local execution on gateways and devices, with the same programming model as used in the cloud. Combining AWS Greengrass with the processing power of Snapdragon SoCs (APQ series for IoT) is designed to allow for the use of both local device and cloud-based storage, as well as the execution and messaging for critical IoT applications that cannot rely exclusively on the cloud, such as medical equipment, industrial machinery and building automation.

AWS Greengrass lets you build IoT solutions that connect different types of devices with the cloud and each other. Devices that run Linux and support ARM or x86 architectures can host the Greengrass Core, and through Greengrass Core, act as a hub that can communicate with other devices that have the AWS IoT Device SDK installed. A Greengrass Group of AWS Greengrass Core and AWS IoT Device SDK-enabled devices can be configured to communicate with one another, whether there is Internet connection or not. And once there is an Internet connection, Greengrass synchronizes the data on the device with AWS IoT.

Diagrams of Greengrass Core
Diagrams of AWS Greengrass Core

The Benefits of Local Computing at the Edge of an IoT Solution

Enabling local computing at the “edge” of an IoT solution can provide:

  • cost savings realized through reduced data signaling and cloud storage
  • reduced latency for time sensitive automated decision making
  • compliance and privacy support through local data storage

Snapdragon SoCs (APQ series for IoT) are engineered to have the power and speed to support edge processing, allowing for increased local analysis of data for a security-rich and reliable IoT implementation. In a gateway application, the integrated connectivity of Snapdragon SoCs, combined with AWS Greengrass, supports a heterogeneous connection to the cloud, bringing new possibilities to commercial, industrial, medical and smart city solutions.

You can start your exploration of AWS Greengrass and Qualcomm Technologies with the DragonBoard 410c, which features the Snapdragon 410E SoC (APQ8016E). We’ve even published a AWS Greengrass project on QDN to get you started.

We can’t wait to see what you invent!