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Feature development for the SDK actively happens on the Mainline branch. Chipset products generally use the mainline branch of the SDK until their Commercial Sample (CS) milestone and then they branch off. When a product branches off from the mainline, it no longer gets the features being added to the mainline. Features for the branched off products need to be explicitly requested.

The table below shows the version of the SDK currently on the mainline. It also shows the version of the SDK at which a particular product branched off from the mainline.

For example, if a product shows its SDK branch version as 1.33.xx it means it branched off from the mainline at version 1.33.00 and has all the features from the mainline till that version.

Software Product LineBranch PointCurrent VersionSoftware Reference
[Public Header, Sample/Reference App, Stub library]
Technical Documents Reference
In Development [SA410M.LE.1.0, SA515M.LE.2.3, SA515M.LE.2.3 + SA2150P.LE.1.3 Fusion]MainlineLatestUser Guide v1.53.0
API Reference v1.53.0
SA2150P.LE.1.3 + SA515M.LE.2.11.46.xx1.46.54CodeLinaro link to v1.46.54User Guide v1.46.54 (HTML | PDF)
API Reference v1.46.54 (HTML | PDF)
SA515M.LE.2.21.46.xx1.46.35CodeAurora link to v1.46.35User Guide v1.46.35 (HTML | PDF)
API Reference v1.46.35 (HTML | PDF)
SA2150P.LE.1.3.10 + SA515M.LE. link to v1.46.14User Guide v1.46.14 (HTML | PDF)
API Reference v1.46.14 (HTML | PDF)
SA515M.LE.2.01.38.xx1.38.41CodeLinaro link to v1.38.41User Guide v1.38.41 (HTML | PDF)
API Reference v1.38.41 (HTML | PDF)
SA2150P.LE.1.1 + SA415M.LE.1.71.33.xx1.33.62CodeLinaro link to v1.33.62User Guide v1.33.62 (HTML | PDF)
API Reference v1.33.62 (HTML | PDF)
MDM9150.LE.1.01.26.xx1.26.15CodeLinaro link to v1.26.15User Guide v1.26.15 (HTML | PDF)
API Reference v1.26.15 (HTML | PDF)
MDM9650.LE.2.41.26.xx1.26.10CodeAurora link to v1.26.10User Guide v1.26.10 (HTML | PDF)
API Reference v1.26.10 (HTML | PDF)
MDM9607.LE.2.21.26.xx1.26.3CodeAurora link to v1.26.3User Guide v1.26.3 (HTML | PDF)
API Reference v1.26.3 (HTML | PDF)

Software Product Line
Represents software package applicable to specific chipset.

While our software is in active development, additional features can be added to the mainline branch.

Branch Point
Associated SDK software package that is branched off from the “Mainline” branch.

Current Version
Continuing branches will have only incremental changes including specific fixes to the software product line.

Software Reference
Provides codeaurora link to “Current Version” of the SDK available through codeaurora.

Technical Documents Reference
Provides links to User Guide and API Reference HTML Page as well PDF documents of the “Current Version”.

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