Qualcomm Telematics SDK Application Notes


Updated 29 Mar 22
C-V2X occasionally needs secure TCP/IPv6 sessions between a vehicle’s onboard unit (OBU) and Internet application servers. For example, C-V2X-equipped vehicles can receive IEEE 1609.2 certificate top-offs, certificate revocation lists (CRLs) or report misbehavior. This is often done over cellular networks, but sessions can also be established through an Internet-connected roadside unit (RSU). Where available, RSU connections reduce traffic volumes sent via cellular networks. This documentation and open source sample code illustrates how road operators and C-V2X device manufacturers can achieve this connection with existing devices that have only link-local addressing.

Updated 18 Oct 22
This guide is for configurating, tuning and benchmarking ITS applications that use IPV6 to communicate between onboard units and internet servers as specified by SAE and IEEE1609.3. The document explains notable functions in the Telematics SDK for configuring the C-V2X stack in accordance with SAE J3161 standards for ITS stations, covering both onboard units (OBUs) and roadside units (RSUs).