Tutorial Videos

Hardware Tutorials

Adreno Hardware Tutorial 1: Graphics Pipeline Overview
Watch an overview of the mobile Graphics Pipeline which describes the data flow and processing of graphics data from software to hardware. The APIs available on mobile devices are also covered.

Adreno Hardware Tutorial 2: Introduction to the Adreno GPU
The Adreno Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is designed to bring console and PC quality 3D games to mobile devices. This video introduces the viewer to the Adreno GPU, some of its key features, and how it relates to the Snapdragon processor.

Adreno Hardware Tutorial 3: Tile Based Rendering
This video investigates the commonly used technique of Tile Based Rendering on mobile devices by focusing specifically on Adreno GPUs using a toon shading sample.

Adreno Hardware Tutorial 4: Detecting Adreno GPU
This video demonstrates a simple way to detect Adreno GPUs using C++ (Native) code.

Rendering Tutorials

Adreno Rendering Tutorial 1: Choosing Resolution
This video explains how to ideally choose and optimize the rendering resolution for your game to maximize performance on Snapdragon processors.

Adreno Rendering Tutorial 2: Framerate Management
This video demonstrates simple framerate management techniques using C++ (Native) code.

Adreno Rendering Tutorial 3: Object Sorting
This video explains how to sort objects for drawing to minimize state changes and maximize performance in your mobile game.

Adreno Rendering Tutorial 5: Anti-Aliasing
This video demonstrates multi-sample anti-aliasing using C++ (Native) code.

Vulkan Tutorials

Vulkan Tutorial 1: Introduction to Vulkan on Snapdragon® Processors
Vulkan is the latest graphics API from Khronos and it’s designed to make it easier for developers to use the GPU for greater realism in 3D graphics and greater efficiency in compute applications. Qualcomm Developer Network is introducing you to what Vulkan is, what Vulkan is not, and other things you should know about the new Vulkan API and your graphics development.

Vulkan Tutorial 2: Vulkan for OpenGL ES Developers
This video gives an overview of differing features an OpenGL ES developer would encounter when starting to develop with the Vulkan API.

Vulkan Tutorial 3: Capturing Vulkan Applications with Snapdragon™ Profiler
This tutorial shows you how to capture Vulkan applications using Snapdragon Profiler.

Vulkan Tutorial 4: Introduction to Qualcomm Adreno SDK for Vulkan
This tutorial shows you how to start using the Adreno SDK for Vulkan.

Vulkan Tutorial 5: Triangle Sample Walkthrough
This video gives developers details on the steps involved to render a triangle in Vulkan.

Vulkan Tutorial 6: Cornell Lights Sample Walkthrough
This video gives a developer details on the steps involved to render a textured and animated scene in Vulkan.

Vulkan Tutorial 7: Vulkan Memory Management
This video gives a developer details on how memory management is done in Vulkan.

Vulkan Tutorial 8: Validation Layers
This video gives a developer details on how the Validation Layers work in Vulkan.