Tutorial videos

Overview of the Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit
This is an overview of the Qualcomm® Innovators Development Kit, which is designed to provide a package of hardware, software, and customer support for developers interested in working with premium Snapdragon ® SoCs. The video dives into both NLP Solutions and Vision Solutions, and then an overview of the hardware.
Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit Hardware Overview
Here we show how to set up the development kit by focusing on the hardware. First, we introduce the components of the kit, then how to connect the components, and how to use an HDMI display. Finally, the video shows you how to use a display extension card.
Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK Installation
This tutorial video is designed to show you how to download and set up the Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK, install all its dependencies, install the Android NDK and check if all pre-requisites and dependencies are met.
Deep Learning Container Conversion
Compile your Machine Learning model into a Deep Learning Container or a DLC file using the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK.
Vision Solution: Image Super Resolution
In this video we provide an overview of Image Super Resolution on the Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit. Then we will cover Model Selection, Model Conversion, and Model Packaging into Android Applications. Finally we provide a list of resources that are available for developers.
Question and Answer Application
Here is a demonstration of a Question and Answer Application using the Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit. The video provides an overview of the different elements used in the demo, as well as how developers can run this same demo and integrate the code into their application.
Vision Solution: Object Detection
This video for the Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit starts off with selecting a model, and then walks through how to convert that model. And then we cover model packaging into an Android application. We also provide all the different resources to get the models and SDK we utilized in this demo.
Sentiment Analysis App Demo
Here we have a demonstration of the Sentiment Analysis Application for the Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit. The app takes a sentence as input, and then determines if the sentiment is positive or negative.

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