Getting started with Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit

The Qualcomm® Innovators Development Kit is a single-board computer (SBC) built on the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 mobile platform. The development kit is an expandable, feature-rich starting point for integrating existing components and creating new applications and mobile devices.

Figure-1 - Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit, Main Board

Figure-2 - Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit Main Board with Display Card

The kit offers access to innovative and intelligent on-device AI, support for 3D cameras, desktop- quality graphics, gigabit-per-second download speeds and up to 4K UHD output. The kit contains three parts:

  • Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit - Main Board
  • Display extension board
  • Camera/Sensor subsystem board
Part Included/Optional
Main board with SM8550P processor Included
12V DC Power adaptor Included
USB-C cable Included
Display card Optional
Camera card Optional
Sensor card Optional
Speakers x 2 Optional
Battery Optional

Figure-3 - Components on front side of Development Kit

Figure-4 - Components on back side of Development Kit

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