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Now is the Time to Dive into Edge Computing

Are you developing in the cloud? Well, your processes may soon be changing. By the end of the decade, edge computing is projected to become the dominant computing model. Peter Levine of Andreessen...

Hardware-Software Convergence: Key Skills to Consider

Hardware-software convergence, or how hardware and software systems are working more closely together, illustrates how each are empowering (and sometimes literally powering) the other. And in our...

Guest Blog: Leap Motion & Qualcomm Technologies - A Template for the Future of Mobile VR

Martin Schubert is a VR Designer, Developer and Evangelist at Leap Motion. With a background in architecture and spatial studies, Martin designs and develops Leap Motion enabled VR experiences such...

Heterogeneous Computing: An Architecture and a Technique

If you’re looking to create great mobile experiences, optimization isn’t optional: it’s a crucial step that helps transform good ideas into great execution. In our previous “Start Cooking with...

Profiling VR Apps for Better Performance

High performance in virtual reality apps is important to users, but we developers need to be smart about how we deliver it. Does it surprise you to learn that 96% of mobile users consider...


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