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Pushing the Limits of Smart Audio Solutions with StreamUnlimited

The opportunity for wireless audio devices is experiencing rapid growth, with the smart speaker segment alone projected to reach $19 billion in revenue by 2027. Factors driving the evolution of these...

Fundamentals of Voice UI: Part I: Building Blocks

Audio technologies are important for Qualcomm Technologies' audio products for the delivery of crisp, clear listening experiences for a wide range of products. We are pleased to have DSP Concepts...

DSP Concepts Guest Blog: Building Voice Assistants for Home Audio

DSP Concepts is a leading provider of Audio development tools and IP that power over 40 million products worldwide spanning across automotive, consumer electronics, medical and IoT industries. DSP...

Use Cases That Benefit from Hexagon DSP SDK — Version 3.5 Available Now

DSP programmers: You’ve told us that the only thing worse than seeing your DSP workloads crash is having to send us the memory dump for analysis. And you’re right: It is a headache, or used to be,...


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