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How You Can Rock the AllJoyn Peer-2-Peer App Challenge

Have you heard about developing peer-to-peer (P2P), proximity based apps with AllJoyn™, but haven’t jumped in yet because you’re unsure how to use it? Or have you been hesitant because AllJoyn was...

Peer-to-Peer Apps on iOS, Android & Windows 8 with AllJoyn

AllJoyn™ for iOS, Windows RT and Android is here, and you can download the AllJoyn SDK 3.0 now from Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. Get ready to give your customers your real-time, peer-to-peer (...

Start coding for your part of $170,000 – The AllJoyn Peer-2-Peer App Challenge

Have you noticed how much we've been blogging lately about AllJoyn™ and proximity-based, peer-to-peer (P2P) networking? We've been leading up to a few things, and I'm excited to tell you about one of...