DropMix by Hasbro and Harmonix

DropMix by Hasbro and Harmonix

“Because we’ve worked with the CSR1011 chip on previous projects, we knew what we could achieve with it.”

Glenn Needham, director and founder of NFS

  • Near Field Solutions Ltd (NFS) is a leader in Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE), IoT, antenna modeling, and printed electronics.
  • Using our CSR1011 chip and the H13137V3 development kit, NFS created the DropMix Music Gaming System, modifying the chip’s firmware to support the Bluetooth Smart and NFC communications demands.
  • Results: NFS went from initial specifications to first prototypes in just 6 weeks. The project was commercial-ready in less than 9 months.

DropMix is a dynamic, fast-paced music-mixing game that allows players to blend popular songs from award-winning artists to create amazing mixes. The DropMix Music Gaming System includes the DropMix game board and 60 DropMix song cards. Each card activates a part of a song track, and every track blends seamlessly with others to create unique mixes. The game board is equipped with 5 NFC antennas to read the playing cards in stacks, and a Bluetooth Smart link to communicate with phones or tablets. Players download the free DropMix app (for iOS and Android) on their compatible phones or tablets, which enables the card reading, controls the LED lighting, and generates the music for the mix.

Download the Dropmix Bluetooth Low Energy Case Study