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Your app users want rich, dynamic, engaging mobile experiences. You spend every day pushing the limits of what’s possible to make it happen. The Qualcomm Developer Network is your go-to resource. You bring the vision, the ideas, and the skills. We bring the latest mobile technologies, a track record of innovation, industry relationships, and the software and hardware tools that let you redefine what mobile can be.

Mobile Platforms

Developing for Qualcomm Technologies chipsets and modems connects with an extensive audience because we support nearly every mobile OS option. We led the way with the first Android and Windows Phone devices, and we’re still setting the pace. See the platforms we support.

Why Snapdragon Processors?

Your app potential is only as good as the device it runs on. With devices built on Snapdragon™ processors, you get incredible processing power, outstanding battery efficiency, and breakthrough native features that add up to a compelling app experience for your users. Each processor is a comprehensive system. Take a look at how each part of the processor is specifically designed to provide superior mobile experiences.

Industry Expertise

The digital lifestyle of today’s mobile consumer is busy and full of options. This puts companies that develop mobile apps and services under pressure to improve usability and make their offerings stand out. Learn how Qualcomm Developer Network tools help mobile apps change how people play games, watch media, study, and more.

Standout Apps

Meet the app developers that are doing great things. Our Mobile Technology Showcase reaches across the Qualcomm Developer Network to spotlight the people and apps that are pushing new frontiers in mobile.