Whatever mobile experience you’re developing, Qualcomm has the technology, expertise and relationships to help bring your ideas to life.

Qualcomm is focused on enabling you to bring extraordinary mobile experiences to life. Our extensive and deep technical understanding of all things mobile and long track record of innovation make us an ideal partner for helping you to deliver the experiences that will define the next generation of mobile. By targeting devices running on our chipsets and leveraging the software and hardware development tools we provide, you can write apps – for Android™, Brew®, Windows® 8, Windows Phone, and the other mobile OSes – that will set you apart from the competition.

Mobile Platforms

Qualcomm supports nearly every high-level mobile OS in the market and we've been leaders with the first deployments of both Android and Windows Phone devices.

Use our tools and resources to optimize your app's performance. The majority of Android devices in the market are powered by our chipsets, allowing you to deliver a high-quality experience to a wide customer base.

With an addressable market of more than 250 million handsets and more than 50 million monthly consumer transactions, the commercial opportunity with the Brew platform has never been better. Brew opens up significant revenue opportunities for you by successfully bringing smartphone-like capabilities to feature phones.

HTML5 is an important mobile app platform choice for developers to deliver apps that are available anywhere and on any device with a browser. Qualcomm is working to narrow the gap between HTML5 and native capabilities to bring substantial benefit in simplicity, cost, flexibility, and features to achieve optimum results in app performance.

Qualcomm knows mobile. Qualcomm knows ARM. And Microsoft chose Snapdragon for its Windows Phone 7 launch smartphones. Only makes sense. Now that Windows is going fully mobile with Windows RT, Qualcomm is the chipset provider with the expertise to allow developers to optimize their apps on ARM.

Developing for Windows Phone allows you to deliver an exceptional experience to your end users. We're working closely with Microsoft to enabled Windows Phone users to benefit from new features and an unmatched level of integration and collaboration between hardware, software and services.

Mobile Technology Showcase

Meet the innovators who are changing the mobile world. Our showcase reaches across the global network to spotlight the people, tools, and opportunities that are pushing new frontiers in mobile.

iOnRoad iOnRoad utilized FastCV to increase their overall app performance by 10-15% within just two days of development.

Pac-Man Kart Rally As a racing game, Kart Rally was ripe for a peer-to-peer (P2P) multiplayer version, but it seemed too demanding for normal cellular connections...

Commercial Devices

Browse our database to learn which devices are powered by Qualcomm chipsets.

Chipsets & Modems

Learn how the unique capabilities of Qualcomm chipsets can help you to create an extraordinary user experience.