Adappt Intelligence, an Arraystorm Brand

Adappt Intelligence, an Arraystorm Brand

“QTIL is fantastic to work with for product companies like ours.”

Adappt Intelligence Team

  • Adappt Intelligence is a brand of Arraystorm Lighting Pvt Ltd, an industry leader in LED lighting and automation. Adappt Intelligence, the brainchild of a team of MIT graduates, is headquartered in Boston, USA, with an R&D hub in Bangalore, India.
  • Using our Bluetooth Low Energy CSR1010 chip with CSRmesh compatibility in their smart sensors, Adappt has already outfitted half a dozen buildings with their innovative system.
  • Results:Across their installations, Adappt has deployed over 9000 active sensors to provide real-time occupancy and temperature profile information to its clients. Most installations average between 1500 and 2000 sensors per location, with the largest deploying 3600 sensors across three floors.

Adappt Intelligence strives to help its clients enhance open-office productivity by offering innovative multi-functional sensor solutions to provide feedback about how their valuable office space is being used. Through a combination of wireless occupancy nodes, density sensors, and aggregating hosts that send data to a central server, the Adappt Intelligence Occupancy Management Solution helps companies see how their spaces are being used, and more importantly, how they can improve utilization.

Download the Adappt Intelligence Bluetooth Low Energy Case Study