Trepn Power Profiler

A product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Trepn Profiler - QDN

Trepn™ Profiler is an on-target power and performance profiling application for mobile devices. Although Trepn runs on most Android devices, additional features are available when used with devices featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors or development hardware.


  • Six fast-loading profiling presets
  • Overlays appear on screen on top of applications that are being profiled
  • Profile your device, or a single app
  • Displays battery power on supported devices
    • Not all devices are capable of reporting accurate battery power. Refer to the list of supported devices in the Trepn forum.
  • View CPU and GPU frequency and utilization
    • GPU frequency and utilization are only available on Snapdragon-powered devices.
  • Display network usage (cellular and Wi-Fi)
  • Runs on most Android smartphones and tablets (Android 4.0 and higher)
  • Advanced mode to manually select data points and save data for later analysis 

With Trepn Profiler,  developers can better understand the impact of their programming choices on both power and performance.

  • Overlay mode - Trepn Profiler’s overlay mode displays graphs, meters and charts in the foreground as the app is running, so you can associate spikes with on-screen events.
  • Android Intents - Trepn can display markers in your code alongside other data points to pinpoint the cause of power and processor spikes.
  • External control - You can start and stop profiling from an external script or another Android application, a big advantage in automated testing environments

Download Trepn Profiler from Google Play or QDN, run it on your Android devices, and start optimizing your code for better performance and efficiency.


Six fast loading presets allow you to quickly profile your device


Real-time overlays allow you to see the impact of your actions on any app


See whether apps use the cellular radio in a power-efficient manner


Different views are available for system resource and mobile data consumption


Trepn Profiler shows whether an app is CPU or GPU-constrained