Snapdragon Power Optimization SDK

A product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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Snapdragon Power Optimization SDK

Today’s users are expecting greater performance and greater battery life from their mobile devices. The Snapdragon® Power Optimization SDK provides a toolset that is designed to allow you to optimize the power consumption of your software on the Snapdragon series of processors. By tapping into this SDK, you can fine tune the execution of your application to help ensure high CPU/GPU performance and minimal power use and temperature. This is critical for complex applications such as image and data processing, XR(VR/AR) applications, computer vision, and real-time gaming and streaming applications. 

The SDK provides an interface for you to make requests to the Snapdragon processor on when it should be using a high power or low power mode.  Although you can provide guidance, it does not override the existing power and temperature control mechanisms of the system.

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